Newsletter, April 2022

This newsletter, which we plan to send quarterly, is to let you know what’s happening at Moora Moora, as we encourage each other to live in deeper connection with our environment and each other.

As we relaunch the newsletter, we’re getting in touch with those who have contacted us or visited previously. We hope you will enjoy being kept in the loop, however if you’d prefer not to receive news from us, you can drop us an email or unsubscribe via the links at the end of the email. Read on to find out about great opportunities to visit and get involved.

Celebrating the Covenant!
Moora Moora, with the Trust for Nature and neighbours who also have covenants on their land, came together on 10 April to celebrate the long term protection for the forest provided by the covenant. Find out more about the Trust for Nature’s work or read the ABC’s article about the covenant .

Dreaming of a lifestyle change? Or just want to hear more about living in community? 
We were excited to welcome over 50 people to our first Visitors’ Tour in 2022. The tour runs on the first Sunday of the month at 1.30pm. Find out more (and see some virtual tours if you can’t make it in person yet) on our website, where you’ll also find pictures of current houses available for rent or for sale for those on the path to membership.

Living in Community workshop

Sunday 22 May

With the sky-rocketing housing costs, fracturing of community, and lack of nature connection, an increasing number of people are searching for alternatives. In response, new alternatives are emerging, with well-established communities experiencing increased interest. Living cooperatively involves a range of skills and attributes we have lost within nuclear families often living away from family and friends. This workshop explores the skills and attributes required to share and live with others

This group-format workshop will explore

  • opportunities and challenges of living in community
  • multi-generational living
  • values, skills and attributes needed to share and live with others in community
  • community structures, resilience, and governance
  • balancing relationships and individuality
  • entitlements, duties and responsibilities of community living.

The workshop will be facilitated by Peter Cock, one of Moora Moora’s founders, with support from newer member, Gabby Higgins.  Click through to the ticketing link for more information.

Thrive to survive
November 24-28 2022

Join with up to 15 others on top of Mount Toolebewong and tune your ears to lyrebird song. Meet passing wombats at dusk as you head to the circle around our campfire where we’ll gather to share life-making experiences. A night camping in the forest begins a contemplative journey, attuning ourselves to nature and being open to our thoughts and feelings as they emerge. Careful attention will be paid to our environment as we participate in energising activities and group gatherings. Experience the power and awe evoked by the mountain as together we walk the floor of a tall forest reflecting on the wonder of the web of life. We’ll assist the community by removing holly as a pathway to active service.

Come and discover what community means and share our practical experiences of how to go about building healthy, inter-dependant relationships between people, other beings and the places where we all live.  Click through for tickets.

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