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Founded by Glen Morris in 2003 with the aim of providing high quality renewable energy solutions for maximum environmental benefit. 





The Greenhouse Effect Specialising in the sale, installation and maintenance of off-grid solar systems.

 Jerry Robinson – The Green House Effect

Sacred Ecology Are you looking for an opportunity to reflect and attune with yourself, community and nature?

 Peter Cock – Exploring social and sacred ecology

Bobbing Around

Devoted to conservation, owner-building and similar issues

Dr Bob Rich – Bobbing Around

ALM Remedial

Myotherapy and hypnotherapy – Healing hands, compassionate hearts, & intuitive minds. Helping you feel better!

ALM Remedial

A Boy Named Esme

A BOY NAMED ESME is the very slight alter ego of award winning songwriter Esme Macdonald. He’s served time as the bass player for the critically acclaimed PENTHOUSE (UK ) and THE PARADISE MOTEL (TAS) and has toured and played festivals in Europe, Australia and Japan.

Esme MacDonald – A Boy Named Esme