Get Involved

Embark on a journey with Moora Moora Co-operative Community, where involvement takes many exciting forms. Whether you’re curious to witness our unique lifestyle in person or prefer the convenience of a virtual tour, the doors to our community are wide open for you.

Explore Your Options:

🏡 Visit in Person:
Immerse yourself in the beauty Mount Toolebewong and the spirit of our community by visiting in person. Witness firsthand the harmonious living that defines Moora Moora. Schedule your visit and see how we thrive together.

> Read more about our Visitors Day here

🌐 Virtual Tours:
Can’t make it in person? Take a virtual tour from the comfort of your own space. Explore the nooks and crannies of Moora Moora remotely and get a feel for the spirit that defines our cooperative community.

> Take a look at some virtual tours here

🤝 Become a Member:
Interested to call Moora Moora home? Discover the process of becoming a valued member of our community. Your journey toward intentional living starts here – check out the steps and join us on this fulfilling adventure.

> Read more about the membership process here

👐 Volunteer or Be a Friend:
Whether you’re eager to lend a hand or simply wish to support us as a friend, there are numerous ways to contribute. Explore volunteer opportunities or learn how to be a cherished friend to our community.

> Learn how you can volunteer here or how to become a friend of Moora Moora here

Utilise our Learning Centre

Looking for a venue for your next workshop or retreat? Take a look at the facilities for hire at Moora Moora

> Take a look at the Learning Centre here

🙏 Thank You for Considering Us:
We appreciate your interest and hope to welcome you into our community soon. Your journey with Moora Moora awaits, and we look forward to the possibility of seeing you in person or virtually.

Explore, engage, and belong – the Moora Moora way. For enquiries or to start your journey, reach out to us at . We can’t wait to connect with you!