Indigenous perspectives on decolonial futures gathering

 12:30pm-4pm Sunday 21st February 2021

This online gathering aims to explore cultural difference, Western culture, colonisation, modern societies as well as Indigenous worldviews, perspectives and philosophies from around the world, including Australia, Africa, New Zealand and the Americas. Practical decolonial actions that flow from these perspectives will also be considered along with potential emergent decolonial futures. Formats will include presentations, interactive exercises in small breakout groups and general questions and discussion.

This gathering will be facilitated by Dr. Yin Paradies, an Aboriginal-Asian-Anglo Australian of the Wakaya people from the Gulf of Carpentaria. He is Professor of Race Relations at Deakin University, where he conducts research on racism and anti-racism as well as teaching and researching Indigenous knowledges and decoloniality. Yin is a climate and ecological activist who is committed to understanding and interrupting the devastating impacts of modern societies. He seeks meaningful mutuality of becoming and embodied kinship with all life through transformed ways of knowing, being and doing that are grounded in wisdom, humility, respect and generosity. He is a current Moora Moora resident, having moved to the mountain in 2020 to be in community, cultivate a closer connection to Country and engage in an ethos of down-shifted collective sufficiency, voluntary simplicity, frugality, direct democracy and radical localisation.

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An introduction to Journeys in Wildness 
(a National Sustainable Living Festival event)

10am-4pm Saturday 27 February 2021

Re-establish your place in the web of life; understand, embrace and act from your wild nature.

A one-day introduction to the four-day Journeys in Wildness program. Spend time in the forest and in community. Journeys in Wildness will encourage participants to live and act as part of the earth community and to care for themselves, all other beings and our planet. The concept of service to the world in ways that nourish and replenish rather than those which drain energy, will also be a key component of the training.

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Living in community workshop
(a National Sustainable Living Festival event)

10am-4pm Sunday 28 February 2021

Explore opportunities and challenges of living in intentional community.

Learn about the skills and attributes required to share and live in community including design, governance, relationships and individuality within community. The workshop will draw on over 40 years’ experience of Moora Moora Cooperative Community.

Journeys in Wildness

7pm Thursday 11 March – 11am Monday 15 March

Re-establish your place in the web of life; understand, embrace and act from your wild nature.

This four night program is designed to reconnect participants to community, in the largest sense of the word, through spending time alone and with others in the forest, undertaking regeneration work as practical service and as a metaphor for change and working together to envision a new future. The program is designed to enhance the capacity for wildness as a way to sustain action toward creating a way of living connected to the community of all beings.  It will include a night sleeping solo in the forest.  Further program details coming soon.  

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Wurra Wurra Biik – Sky Country

3pm Friday 26 March – 6pm Sunday 28 March

In this residential camping weekend, Djirri Djirri Dancers & Rivka Worth will be collaborating in a rare and important event for connection, healing and commitment to the land with which we inhabit. Your presence and participation on this gathering will be an opportunity to listen, learn and understand Wurundjeri culture and life and how you can support traditional practices of living in connection with land, animals, water, sky and people. Set both indoors and outdoors, this weekend will explore how we can deepen our relationship with self, other and the environment through the support, wisdom and reflection of cultural indigenous practices, 5Rhythms Map, embodiment & eco-somatics. 

This gathering is for those identifying as women.

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Past Workshops

Indigenous knowledges and decolonial futures

Sunday 22 November 2020, 10 am – 3pm AEDT

This workshop aims to develop understanding and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, history and culture, worldviews and perspectives and how these compare and contrast with Western cultures. 


We will commence with an introduction, background and context, followed by a historical and contemporary overview of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and politics, then an exploration of cultural difference and First Peoples perspectives, concluding with practical decolonial actions that flow from these perspectives.  The format will include presentations, interactive exercises in small breakout groups and facilitated general questions and discussion. Tickets available:

Yin Paradies is a Aboriginal-Asian-Anglo Australian of the Wakaya people from the Gulf of Carpentaria. He is Professor of Race Relations at Deakin university where he conducts research on the health, social and economic effects of racism as well as anti-racism theory, policy and practice across diverse settings, including online, in workplaces, schools, universities, housing, the arts, and health. He also teaches and undertakes research in Indigenous knowledges.