Emergency Safety Planning

Moora Moora is situated on the ridge of Mount Toolebewong in an area that may be significantly affected by extreme bushfires.

Of the 618 acres of land approximately 4/5 of the site is natural bush/ regrowth areas last impacted by bushfire in 1939. There is one dirt road into the area.

The site design was the first step in reducing potential impact from bushfires with the positioning of the 30 houses to existing cleared areas predominantly on the eastern side of the ridge. The houses are in small groupings of up to 6 dwellings or clusters separated by green break zones.

Each cluster has at least 1 fire shelter, water storage tanks and some houses have their own fire suppression systems such as water pumps, fire hoses and roof sprinklers. The Cooperative owns its own portable fire trailer.

The Emergency Safety Planning (ESP) committe informs and updates the community on matters relating to bushfire preparedness, fire danger ratings (we have our own FDR sign to inform the neighbours), an emergency SMS notification system which supplements the VicEmergency App for residents and interested neighbours.

Moora Moora continues its long connection with the local CFA brigade in Badger Creek.