Bob’s House

Bob’s House – Wombat Hollow

Mudbrick house built by Bob in the early 1980s, Bob was part of the early members of Moora Moora. For more details on Bob’s home visit his website – Mudsmith

Earth-walled house handcrafted with love by the author of “The Earth Garden Building Book: Design and build your own house” is in a location carefully chosen to be sheltered from likely bushfire directions and winter storms. It is a solar-efficient design, with winter temperatures without heating stabilising at about 14 degrees when it is freezing outside.
Spacious living area, 4 bedrooms (3 with sleeping platforms adding to the usable floor area), recently renovated kitchen, 1 bathroom. Wood fired heating, with nearby wattles providing more than enough firewood.
Hot water solar in summer, from the slow-combustion stove in winter. LP gas stove supplements the woodfired stove.
Solar electricity from panels on roof plus cluster minigrid. Satellite internet connection.
Half-share of fire bunker for extreme fire days (if defended, the house should survive an “ordinary” bushfire).
Well-established orchard, magnificent nut trees, area for chook run and vegies near house.
Part of the wonderful Wombat Hollow cluster.

Please contact Moora Moora Membership committee for rental and sales prices

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