Bob’s House

Original Mudbrick House

Wombat Hollow

🌿 Mudsmith’s Masterpiece: A Timeless Mudbrick Retreat

Step into a living testament of earth-inspired craftsmanship with this unique mudbrick house, a creation of Dr. Bob Rich, a pioneer of Moora Moora and the esteemed author of “The Earth Garden Building Book: Design and build your own house.” Built with love in the early 1980s, this dwelling reflects not only a passion for sustainable living but also a commitment to creating a harmonious home in tune with nature.

Key Features:

🏡 Historic Charm:
Immerse yourself in the rich history of this mudbrick residence, a true labor of love from one of Moora Moora’s early members. The timeless design and enduring materials speak to the commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.

🌲 Strategic Location:
Carefully nestled in a location chosen to be sheltered from potential bushfire directions and winter storms, this home offers a secure haven amidst nature’s challenges. Experience the tranquility of a thoughtfully selected and protected environment.

☀️ Solar-Efficient Design:
Bask in the brilliance of a solar-efficient design, where winter temperatures naturally stabilise at a comfortable 14 degrees, even without additional heating. This eco-friendly approach ensures comfort while minimising environmental impact.

🔥 Wood-Fired Warmth:
Revel in the cozy warmth provided by the wood-fired heating system, complemented by an abundance of firewood from nearby wattles. Embrace the charm of the slow-combustion stove in winter, creating a snug atmosphere within the home. The kitchen, marries modern convenience with rustic charm. The LP gas stove seamlessly supplements the wood-fired counterpart, offering versatility and efficiency for culinary endeavours.

🌞 Sustainable Energy:
Benefit from solar electricity generated by panels on the roof, supported by a cluster minigrid. Stay connected with a reliable satellite internet connection, providing seamless communication with the world beyond.

🔥 Fire Bunker Assurance:
Rest easy knowing that a half-share of a fire bunker is available for extreme fire days. With proper defense, the house is designed to withstand even “ordinary” bushfires, providing peace of mind during Australia’s challenging fire seasons.

🌳 Lush Surroundings:
Explore the well-established orchard, flourishing nut trees, and designated areas for a chook run and vegetable garden near the house. Engage with sustainable living by enjoying the bounty of nature right at your doorstep.

Discover the magic of Bob’s Mudsmith masterpiece. For further details and an intimate glimpse into this extraordinary home, visit Bob’s website – Mudsmith. Contact us to experience the timeless allure of this earth-walled sanctuary.

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