As a community, we are involved with the wider society.  We are interested in local council affairs.  We desire to provide services and share resources within the locality.  We anticipate outside participation, opening a learning centre and or environment for outside use.

We hope that a co-operative store will enable the exchange of our surplus and provide economic savings by collective purchase.  We hope to continue holding gatherings such as barbecues, sporting fixtures and festivals, where local residents are invited.  We also hope to share joint activities with those outside our community with similar ideas and interests.

We are planning to become involved with an urban community in the inner city.  Our distance from the city enables us city involvement.  We hope to create a community there affiliated with Moora Moora.  We aim to develop an interchange of members, shared educational aspirations and action in the wider community.  Our non-resident membership caters for these people.  In addition we plan to establish close ties with similar groups.

Links will also be established with groups and organisations consistent with our aims.