Protecting the Natural World

Not only do we wish to achieve a highly "social" community but also a community that will exist in harmony with nature.  We plan to minimise our impact on the complex eco-systems.

We are constrained in what we do on the site by consideration of natural features.  Buildings, gardens and tracks are located in areas of low environmental impact.  Particular attention is given to minimise the amount of land we develop.  cluster housing which promotes social interaction also fulfils ecological aims.  Our long term impact will be minimised by the lifestyle we adopt.  Our waste will not be "discharged" but treated for use if possible.

Native flora and fauna will be encouraged by restraining domestic animals, controlling exotic flora and re-planting as necessary.  Dogs and cats are not allowed on the property.

We intend to use nature's resources as much as possible, particularly solar energy and wind power.


We want to demonstrate how man can work with nature as well as live from it.  Our aim is not to create isolated sanctuaries surrounded by general destruction but to care for nature while gathering food from it and enjoying it.

Our land has a survival potential.  Those wanting to can become subsistent.  We plan to keep domestic animals separated from the bush.  Cattle, poultry, horses, sheep, goats and pigs will at least supplement supplies with fresh dairy produce, eggs and meat.  Some members hope to develop dams for fish and yabby farming.  Others want to keep bees.  Many of us want to become close to self-sufficient in vegetables and fruit, grown organically and bio-dynamically.  Surplus could be traded within the co-operative or the local community.