The Co-operatives Act requires a board of directors elected annually.  Policy decisions are made at policy meetings open to all members.  Directors' meetings handle the continuing business of the co-operative.  Our seven directors are assisted by informal committees, making suggestions about issues such as works, the farm and membership.

Control will be spread between the cluster and the community levels.  At the cluster level, individuals may make decisions which affect the cluster.  But at the community level, the legally-required directors will represent individuals at meetings.  Important decisions will be made by all members, who wish to participate.

We accept conflict as a part of life, and hope that those involved will be able to resolve most conflicts, perhaps with the help of their friends.  Where this is not possible, the community may be called upon as a conciliator.



The Co-operatives Act requires an annual audit of the financial affairs of the co-operative which are recorded in the specified books and registers.  These and the annual report are available for perusal by members.  A treasurer is elected annually from the members and is assisted by a finance committee.

The income of the community is made up of quarterly calls on the shares, rent from residents in the Lodge and Old House, income from the farm, and dues paid by members.  These dues are to cover recurrent expenses such as rates, insurance, maintenance and secretarial expenses.