For our co-operative to survive, and certainly for our relationships to be rich and satisfying, it is essential that we aim and practise at being honest, caringly concerned and tolerant in our efforts to reach fellow members.  Living in such an environment provides us with an unparalleled opportunity to be aware of ourselves, gain feedback from others, and grow in areas of our choosing.  We want each person to feel free to approach others in the community in an atmosphere of friendliness, openness, flexibility and sharing.

Our aim is to bring together a diversity of personalities and lifestyles to form a co-operative community.  We are seeking members who are diverse in their ages, occupations, interests and backgrounds;  members who seek to relate with others and are interested in promoting their own growth and learning.

We are aiming not only for a diversity of styles of living but for a variety of social groupings.  We envisage four types of social grouping within the co-operative:  the individual, the family unit, the cluster , and the community.  This allows for individuals, single parent families, nuclear families, communal or extended family groupings.  We hope that the community will have roughly equal numbers of children and adults.

The basic unit of the community is the cluster, in which dwellings are grouped together on a two acre site.  The cluster lends itself to a variety of expressions - any arrangement of single or communal dwellings.  The more communal the buildings, the greater the degree of shared facilities and the closer the interpersonal relationships.  We have a permit for six clusters with four to six dwellings in each cluster.

The broad social grouping is the co-operative community involving all shareholders and their dependants.  The co-operative is not one community but several.  Each cluster has its own space and activities, each fulfils different needs for its members but is interrelated with others to help fulfil common needs and desires.  This may be through the learning centre, co-op equipment and recreational facilities, farming activities or outside relations.

Within the co-operative's framework, we value equally privacy and community.  Life within each cluster and within each unit of the cluster is the prerogative of those involved.

We believe that relationships will develop naturally within our environment given people with compatible ideas and aspirations.  We hope that some members will work at home, so that their working and living are integrated.  We believe that a wide range of choice in how we live and who we live with is available, enabling us to live more fully.  The breakdown of the extended family and the neighbourhood show us the need for community.  We believe that community and co-operation on much wider levels are becoming necessary for the survival of mankind.

We believe that Moora Moora will help us to move towards a more human and co-operative world and will give each person a greater degree of power over his life.