The happiness of our children is one reason we are creating this community.  Many of us are committed to zero population growth but we are aware we and our children need closer contact with a wider group of children and adults.  We feel children need more than one playmate, more space free of urban dangers and greater scope for creative play.  Adults and children cannot be autonomous if each is forced to be dependent on the other.  With the mother who is tied to the house and cannot go out at nights, neither mother nor child can enjoy each other fully.  In the co-operative, members will babysit knowing and caring for the children.  Inevitable in the community environment, children and adults will have more possibilities to learn.  We are eager to learn a great deal from our children, in fact they can teach us of spontaneity and abandoned joy.



Members may have to re-evaluate the balance and priorities of their employment and living.  Some may want to continue working professionally from the co-operative.  They may be able to organise their occupations into less than five days a week.  Some may wish to work in the city on an irregular basis.  Others may well be able to work nearby.  We hope that some members will be engaged in cottage industries such as carpentry, pottery, spinning and weaving.  We hope too that some members will be able to work on and for the co-operative - farmers, teachers, mechanics and builders.  All work necessary for the co-operative will be performed as far as possible by the members themselves.  At an individual level members will co-operate in building their homes.



As our working week grows shorter, our lifestyle becomes focussed more around leisure activities.  we plan recreational facilities at the co-operative level.  A swimming pool, a barbecue area, a volley ball and basketball court, an arts and craft centre with a pottery kiln and a double tennis court are possible.  Some activities may be directly linked with the education centre.