House For Sale ... A Life and Tree Change? ... Living in Intentional Community?

This mountain-top family home has great "wow" appeal and unique character. Built on three levels, It is builder-built from mud brick, stone, brick and timber. It boasts stunning views (as above) from several rooms and also from two external terraces. The top floor has a main bedroom with a WIR, a private external terrace, a small ensuite, a reading room and a fourth bedroom or study.

The main level has a dining area and kitchen with walk-in pantry, a lounge, two bedrooms and a spectacular bathroom. It also has direct access to a large attached greenhouse. The basement level has a laundry, third toilet and a roomy workshop.

Moora Moora Community is not on the electricity grid and provides its own power and water. If you are genuinely interested in the challenge of community (not communal) living, come and see? Note that cats and dogs are not allowed and that community shares are not included in the house price! 

There is much, much more to tell, but we'll keep that till we make some further contact!